Photo credit:  Spinney . [Image description: Photo of Gabriel massaging a client's upper back.]

Photo credit: Spinney. [Image description: Photo of Gabriel massaging a client's upper back.]


As a professional musician with shoulder and arm injuries, I greatly appreciate how Gabriel made me feel heard and cared for during my session. They are very thoughtful, sensitive, and knowledgeable, and I had one of the best massage experiences with them.

— A

First step into the waiting area and I instantly felt welcomed and more relaxed. Before the massage, Gabriel was very attentive as they listened to my laundry list of aches and pains, asked great questions and even asked if I wanted to choose my own music! During the massage I felt like they addressed each tension area while still being incredibly intuitive and keeping a great flow throughout. By the end my headache had dissolved and I felt like a million bucks. Thank you so much, Gabriel- I can't wait to work with you again!


Gabriel is so thoughtful about tailoring their practice to your needs and always asks what you are hoping for in your session. I really appreciate them asking about pressure and any feedback during the massage. Their space is so relaxing and I always feel great afterwards. I HIGHLY recommend Gabriel!


With Gabriel, I feel like I can trust them and can relax completely. They were able to tell what areas of my body needed focus. After a massage with them, I felt like refreshed and taken care of so I could go back to my stressful job that often focuses on others’ needs.


I saw Gabriel monthly as a regular client when I lived in Boston. As a transgender woman, I am careful about who I let touch and interact with my body. Gabriel is a massage therapist I know I can trust. They are extremely considerate and allow me to set the boundaries of the massage—they always ask which areas need attention and which are off-limits. Gabriel puts me at ease, a crucial step allowing relaxation in my muscles and enabling me to feel the full benefits of the massage. I left each session feeling “reset,” rejuvenated, and reconnected to my body. I recommend Gabriel to many of my friends, especially those who are also sensitive to another’s touch.

— J

Gabriel is an extraordinary person. They adapt the experience to the particular needs of the individual being massaged, both body needs and emotional needs. Moreover, they treat any progress toward goals as a collaborative effort, which is super validating.


Gabriel was amazing! Very attentive and skillful, as well as fun to talk to. They gave me probably the best massage I've ever had, and I left feeling much more relaxed and happy. It was the kind of care I needed after a stressful few months. I can't wait to go back!


Gabriel was amazing. They were very respectful of my body and consent. They were kind and cautious and consistently checked in throughout the appointment.


My massage with Gabriel was fantastic and addressed all my issues (even the ones I forgot to mention) AND left me feeling relaxed and dreamy. They did a great job supporting my weird joints throughout the entire session. If you haven't found a good MT yet (or, like me, you like to have options), give them a try. I can't recommend them highly enough (and as a trained MT myself, I am picky).

— C

I have pain and sensitivities in my back and pectoral muscles, so I thought a massage could be helpful. Gabriel was really mindful of checking in with my sensitive areas, including the pressure they applied. That made me feel really good and taken care of in my experience.

— V

Gabriel is very affirming and knowledgeable about the body. They made sure to ask thoughtful questions to achieve a tailored treatment for my needs. I've had a few experiences with massages in general, and my session with Gabriel felt safest in trusting them with my well-being. I felt very cared for and look forward to establishing regular appointments with them.


Gabriel is so welcoming and thoughtful, and creates a healing space. They are great at making you feel comfortable and safe and I could not recommend them more highly!


Gabriel uses skillful technique and mindfully crafts a massage tailored to what my body needs in the moment. After each session I feel relaxed and refreshed and I feel the tension in my muscles melt. I highly recommend Gabriel if you are thinking about receiving massage therapy- they know where to find those knots and I how to work them out! Thank for helping with my lower back pain and providing me with opportunities to feel completely supported and relaxed!

— J

Gabriel was great about asking about my preferences and communicating around the process. After the massage I felt so relaxed, which was much needed after a stressful work week. I'm definitely coming back!


My massage with Gabriel was wonderful. They have a relaxing and intuitive touch. I came in a few days before my wedding and I was not only able to relax but Gabriel helped ease tension that had built up in my neck and head due to stress. It was just what I needed.


Gabriel was extremely professional and is a great massage therapist! They made me feel comfortable, and provided a great stress relieving experience - just what I was seeking!


Gabriel was great! Would highly recommend for an affordable massage therapist in the Camberville area.